Ms. Blog Countdown to 2011

December 7

Beautiful as Aphrodite
Wise as Athena
Strong as Hercules
And swifter than Mercury

In December 1941, the first issue of Wonder Woman came out with Sensation Comics. Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston (a.k.a. Charles Moulton), wanted his comic to showcase what he considered the new ideal of the American woman for a nation at war. While folks may quibble about Wonder Woman's status as sex object or empowered superhero, there's no doubt that she left an indelible impression on (feminist) popular culture.

Below you'll find two panels from the first two issues of Wonder Woman: the very first page of the December 1941 issue and the last page of the January 1942 issue. But don't fret, mortal readers, if you want to read more there are plenty of places nowadays to find the entirety of the first two issues and more.


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