Ms. Blog Countdown to 2011

December 26

One day back in 1970, a young woman found herself at the end of a four-year relationship, moving to the big city and on the brink of a new career. That woman was the fictional, but no-less influential, Mary Richards, and she and her best friend Rhoda ushered in a new era for women television characters. They were smart, forward-thinking and independent. While, yes, sometimes Rhoda seemed overly obsessed with marriage and Mary was a bit too passive at work, Rhoda was also adventurous and wonderfully snarky and Mary always remained true to her convictions, sticking her ground even on the most uneven footing of social interactions.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show ran for seven seasons (1970-1977) and it wasn't only fun and feminist, but a brilliant sitcom as well, television comedy at its best.

You'll find free (and legal) access to the first three seasons here, and the pilot episode below: