Ms. Blog Countdown to 2011

December 23

Today, we have the collage/photographic work of artist Barbara Kruger. She began producing her art in the late 1970s and continues into the present. Her style, text splashed over a black and white photograph, is distinctive and stark, the pieces commenting--sometimes abstractly, sometimes explicitly--on everything from politics and culture to gender stereotypes and reproductive rights. She's also done some commercial work, like this recent cover of W Magazine featuring Kim Kardashian, which is simultaneously funny and speaks poignantly about how fame functions.

Here are a few of her other significant works (click on the titles to see the images):

Untitled (Your gaze hits the side of my face) (1981)

Untitled (You are seduced by the sex appeal of the inorganic) (1982)

Untitled (We won't play nature to your culture) (1983)

Untitled (I shop therefore I am) (1987)

Untitled (We don't need another hero) (1987)

Untitled (Your body is a battleground) (1989)

Untitled (All violence is the illustration of a pathetic stereotype) (1991)

Kruger is also one of the artists featured in PBS's television series Art: 21, in the episode titled "Consumption." You can watch a video of that episode streaming on PBS's website.

On an unrelated, and sadder, note, Miriam Wosk, the first Ms. cover artist, whose cover I used for this calendar, died yesterday at age 63.